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TWO BELIEVE: A Silas McKay Suspense

By Luana Ehrlich


It was no ordinary robbery. The suspect is no ordinary thief. The investigator is no ordinary detective.
He’s Silas McKay, head of operations for Discreet Corporate Security Systems in Dallas, Texas.

Silas doesn’t usually investigate stolen merchandise, but when his boss asks him to look into a jewelry heist at Gadise Diamonds, a high-end store in the Dallas area, he makes an exception.

When Silas learns this was no ordinary robbery, and the suspect is no ordinary thief, he enlists the help of Ashley Davenport, who’s no ordinary woman.

It was no ordinary robbery . . .
It happened in broad daylight, no weapons were involved, and there were plenty of security cameras present.

The suspect is no ordinary thief . . .
He’s Todd Harriman, a billionaire’s son, who could afford to buy the entire jewelry store, so why would he devise an elaborate plan to steal merchandise from it?

Ashley is no ordinary woman . . .
She’s a wealthy socialite, about to start her own detective agency, and the last person Silas needs in his life right now, especially since he’s still angry at God for the loss of his wife, and Ashley doesn’t believe in God.

As Silas and Ashley work together to confront the guilty party, Silas must confront his feelings about Ashley as well as his anger toward God. Can Silas believe God wants the best for him? Can Ashley find the faith to believe? Can two believe?


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