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Wages of Sin

By Urcelia Teixeira


To find her future, she must embrace her past.

It all comes down to this. The last installment of the Valley of Death series races at a rip-roaring pace to a tense ending!

After risking life and limb to save Ben in Shadow of Fear (book II), Jorja walks straight into a trap she didn’t see coming. Hopeless, her faith wavering, and with no way out, she does the unthinkable to survive, all in the name of freedom.

But freedom comes at a price and terror and betrayal are mild compared to what’s coming.

Facing the ultimate test—by man or by God—a test so great that it might very well push her to the point of no return, Jorja learns what it means to truly trust, and that sometimes one has to take one step back to take two steps forward.

With nothing but her faith, skills and resilience to win the ultimate battle between good and evil, no matter the cost, she pushes ahead once more, forsaking all but God to gain her freedom.

But will she realize in time that the life she thinks she’s always wanted might not be the same as the one God conceived?

Or will she end up losing it all?

Emotionally gripping from the very first page, the conclusion promises to have you hold your breath one last time as you walk with Jorja through the treacherous perils of the valley of death!

Book Takeaway:

Redemption is never an easy one, but true freedom lies in God's grace and forgiveness--and dying to self.

Why the author wrote this book:

Conclusion to the Valley of Death series, inspired by Psalm 23


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