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Magi Journey - Babylonia

By Terry Phillip Garner


What readers said about Magi Journey – Assyria, the first book of the Trilogy:-
“Terry Garner has taken the time to flesh out a mysterious and underappreciated story in the Bible. It is evident that Garner studied the historical context in-depth and with passion. It was a pleasure to read this well-known story from a new perspective but fleshed out. He has given us what Dante and Milton gave their contemporary readers. Thank you, Terry!”
Magi Journey – Babylonia – continues the sweeping saga as the Magi continue their journey from Assyria in 734 BC to Bethlehem in the year -0-. Book two in the journey sees the fall of Assyria, the rise of Babylonia, and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. God visits His wrath on His people for their rebellion against Him.
Why was Israel judged? – What is Judgment? – Will it happen again?

The prophets of Israel answer these questions and many more in this fast-paced book. Ride with the Magi and the army of Babylonia as they destroy Nineveh and defeat Pharaoh Neco at Carchemish. Witness the siege of Jerusalem through the eyes of the Magi and the prophet Jeremiah.
Book two continues the story of Navid, Pari, Tiz, and the other Persian Magi as they journey to see the Messiah. Evil emerges from the deserts of Arabia. Fahnik and the Scouts fight to save the Family, but will they arrive in time to save her brother?

Book Takeaway:

It is my desire through this series to demonstrate that because God is Holy, he must judge sin, but because He is Love he provides the means of salvation. God demonstrates judgment and redemption through the enslavement of Judah and their redemption by the hand of King Cyrus. This foreshadows the coming of His Son who will redeem all mankind through His shed blood.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the second book of the Magi Journey trilogy which tells the story of prophecy, God's judgment of sin, and his offer of hope and redemption to those who will believe and turn. God's great love is told through the eyes of the Magi, who were the first to worship Jesus Christ.


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