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Saving Grace

By Candee Fick


Not all heroes wear a uniform.

Scarred as a teen in the accident that claimed her family, Grace Thompson now volunteers as a guide at a Colorado castle. She escapes her pain through the pages of a book while avoiding her former guardian’s pressure to pursue a stable teaching career. Until the day a handsome soldier signs up for her tour and challenges her to stop living in other people’s stories.

Drew Miller spent the last eight years teaching survival skills in the Air Force. But the needless death of a childhood friend has him re-examining the future since he can’t seem to save the ones who matter most. He’s there for a spiritual retreat, but spending time with Grace ignites the desire to chart a new course…even if it means leaving her behind.

At a crossroads, his personal mission to make a difference clashes with her need to please the only family she has left. With two hearts longing for a home, can love survive the inevitable distance?

This next installment of the Within the Castle Gates series weaves elements of the first four stories into a contemporary setting. If you like faith-based romance and rooting for the underdog, then you’ll love Saving Grace. Download it today.

Book Takeaway:

Through His amazing grace, God can transform our past pain into a beautiful future.

Why the author wrote this book:

I fell in love with the Glen Eyrie castle the first time I visited and instantly knew it was the perfect setting for a story about a bookworm living in the past through other people's stories instead of writing her own.


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