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An Odd Request

By LuAnn K. Edwards


Becca Hill longs to serve the Lord in a deeper capacity. She’s felt unfulfilled in her ministry since the death of her husband, the pastor of the small Pleasant Springs Community Church. Despite a desire to return to ministry, Becca rejects a marriage proposal she receives in the mail from a pastor friend she’s long admired but hasn’t seen in twelve years.

Ben Peterson needs a wife. He’s convinced the megachurch in Orlando where he serves as the mission’s pastor will terminate him if he doesn’t remarry soon. He’s battling grief over the loss of his wife two years earlier and believes Becca is the woman God has called him to marry. But he doesn’t want to date, and time is against him. He must persuade her that they must marry soon, and more importantly, this arrangement could benefit them both.

Will Becca leave the warmth and love of her small, close-knit community to marry Ben, a man she hasn’t seen in twelve years and someone who may never love her?

Book Takeaway:

A story of building trust and love.

Why the author wrote this book:

I’ve known many pastors’ wives who are called to serve alongside their husbands. Not an easy ministry, but a rewarding one for most. Often, wives help their husbands in counseling sessions when meeting with couples or women. And sometimes, the only person a pastor can confide in is their spouse. They share successes and failures as they do ministry together and support one another in prayer.

But what happens when a pastor loses his wife and support partner? Is he quick to remarry, or does he choose to do ministry alone or until he feels pressured to remarry for whatever reason? My pondering about this question caused me to write, An Odd Request. A story of building trust and love as Pastor Ben and Becca enter a modern-day marriage of convenience.


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