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The Amadeus Variations

By Kathy Webster


In 1791, betrayal, false accusation, ill health, and broken relationships drive two unlikely companions to escape Austria. World-renowned composer Wolfgang Mozart, assumed dead, has instead renounced his career and life in Vienna to cross Europe and the Atlantic accompanied by Carl Bauer, a gifted healer from a small farming community. Eventually, they find themselves in the New World, in new relationships which force them to confront the God who has guided them there. Far in the future, Anna Stohr is helping to settle her aunt's estate when she stumbles upon a mysterious find in an attic in Old Salem, North Carolina. Anna's graduate advisor in musicology helps her investigate the attic's treasure, having no choice but to include an enemy in the search. Two gripping stories, hundreds of years apart, intertwine in a tale of mystery and redemption, culminating in perhaps the greatest musical discovery of all time.

Why the author wrote this book:

It's a study in a number of things I love: Mozart, the history of the Moravians in North Carolina, and, most importantly, God.


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