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Undercover Dog Dad

By Erin Stevenson


Mallory Morris loves Autumn Springs, Tennessee, and fall is her favorite season of all. It’s filled with crisp, cool evenings, bonfires, football, and lots of visits to the dog park with her canine posse. But a rash of home burglaries is casting a pall over her hometown, and her cousin the sheriff isn’t making any headway in solving them. But all that changes when she meets a scruffy stranger at the dog park, who clearly doesn’t like dogs!

Garrett Alexander agreed to come to Autumn Springs from Arizona to help his old friend solve a puzzling case. What he didn’t bargain for was becoming a temporary dog dad, gaining a beautiful partner with the cutest Southern twang, and having sweet tea constantly pushed on him (the abominable stuff!).

Their resolve to keep things professional changes quickly when they put their heads together—figuratively and then literally. But his life is in Arizona, and hers in Tennessee. They both yearn for love, but a series of misunderstandings puts an end to their dreams. How can they reach their happily-ever-after with 1,600 miles between them?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes it takes a little sacrifice to make a relationship work.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is part of a collection of small-town mysteries.


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