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Recaptured from Oblivion

By Cindy M. Amos


On break from her vendor booth selling bittersweet swags at a craft fair, Lolo Henley accidentally witnesses illegal activity down along Atchison’s waterfront and runs for her life. Ever short of his dream for ordination at St. Benedicts Abbey, gardener Karch Riley rescues Lolo from an unholy search party. As trouble mounts, Karch discovers veiled threats on the adjoining college campus and teams with law enforcement to protect the innocent. Evidence of illegal gun purchases becomes linked with the abbey’s Vicar Copley, Karch’s harsh boss. Trouble deepens when human trafficking emerges as the ring’s source of funding. Sensitive to the plight of trafficked victims due to a past slight, Karch rallies awareness support from college students who start a prevention movement. Knowing a woman once cost him his ministry aspirations, does he dare trust another woman to salvage it? When the pressure peaks, a battle of savvy maneuvering along the river becomes a matter of life or death.
In the heat of pursuit, ordination slips toward a far-off horizon—
or can Karch safeguard Lolo and recapture his dreams from oblivion?

Book Takeaway:

Even in murky waters, God can guide your path and protect you from evil if you stand firm

Why the author wrote this book:

To portray how an idyllic setting can mask an undercurrent of illegal activity that prompts the righteous citizens to take a stand for justice


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