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Though Darkness Descend: Book 1 in the Huguenot Resistance Series

By Janet Joanou Weiner


With persecution of the Huguenots intensifying in 17th century France, what will be the cost of her unbelief?

Jeanne Tessier is unwilling to die for a faith she doesn’t possess. Where was God when she desperately needed him? In her darkest hour, he didn’t seem to hear or care.

Until now, Jeanne has managed to keep her lack of belief hidden from her Huguenot community. But with the imminent threat of twelve hundred dragoon soldiers sent by King Louis XIV to suppress them, she faces upheaval in every area of her life–including her hope of marrying Etienne.

Fighting for her way of life, she follows Etienne against his wishes and warnings from her close friend Pierre. When the dragoons move into her home, the Château de Planque, Jeanne discovers where God is in suffering and death, who she truly is–and who she truly loves.

Based on actual events, this riveting story takes place in southern France, in the Château de Planque, where the author currently lives and works.

Book Takeaway:

God is with us in the midst of suffering and persecution. His light shines in the darkness. Also, we each have a destiny, a role to play.

Why the author wrote this book:

I live in the town and home, the Château de Planque, featured in this book. The historical events of Huguenot (Protestant) faithfulness in spite of dire persecution is incredibly inspiring and largely untold. God has led me on the adventure of researching and transforming the historical facts into a novel, with the hopes of reaching many with it's message of perseverance and courage.


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