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Gifts: A Christmas Novella

By Jeanette Hanscome


Justine McNally is down to the last two packages in a box of twelve anonymous gifts to give away when one arrives in the mail with her name on it. It’s from her stepfather, and she does not plan to accept it. But when the final days before Christmas bring a flood of decade-old memories of shattered trust, a too-good-to-be-true college romance, and agonizing regret, Justine discovers that marking a package Return to Sender is not that easy. Justine’s gift-giving (and returning) plans get set aside to help her boss at the historic Main Street Hotel pull together a Dickens-era Christmas Eve extravaganza. When the party guests include faces from her past, Justine must decide whether to keep running or receive a gift that might free her to give much more than her beautifully wrapped presents.


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