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Where Love Grows

By Heidi Chiavaroli


They have nothing in common except love for music and a donut-shop drive thru.

Shy Lizzie Martin lives a quiet life. She has a part-time job teaching music and helps her family run their bed and breakfast but longs to record the songs of her heart. Sometimes she allows herself to dream about meeting the handsome man who pays for her coffee in the donut-shop drive-thru, but she is too frightened to take a first step in talking to him. When a mischievous sister connects Lizzie with her drive-thru dreamboat over the airwaves, she learns he is not as she expected.

Former triathlon extraordinaire and owner of a multi million-dollar extreme sports company, Asher Hill is wheelchair bound after a freak accident that had nothing to do with the sports he loved. Now, his most enjoyable moments are spent in his truck, pretending he’s the man he used to be.

Lizzie has trouble reconciling drive-thru Asher with the man she meets in person. Asher is brusque and off-putting, certain that Lizzie feels more pity than attraction for him. But beneath his brooding nature, Lizzie senses a tenderness that calls her out of her shell. Surprised by his efforts to help her achieve a life-long dream, Lizzie must decide if she has the courage to show Asher that a life worth living can include love—with or without a wheelchair.

This is Book 3 in The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Series, a contemporary twist on the well-loved classic, Little Women. Readers will fall in love with the Martin family—Maggie, Josie, Lizzie, Bronson, Amie, and their mother Hannah—each trying to find their own way in the world and each discovering that love, home, and hope are closer than they appear.

Book Takeaway:

Love overcomes.

Why the author wrote this book:

I’ve often wondered what would have happened to little Beth March if she had lived in the modern-day world. Quite likely, she would have lived. And so it was fulfilling to write a character that mirrored her. It was fun to give Lizzie a happy ending. 


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