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P. W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms / A High Fantasy Adventure Novel

By S. C. Easley


Sometimes the planets and stars do align. Enter the Kingdom Realms, where the unseen is seen, and battles must be won...

On the verge of succumbing to a life of isolation, a quirky, misunderstood teen discovers her identity as an heir to an abandoned kingdom. After a solar eclipse, she travels to a garden paradise with six fellow heirs.

Paradise is not what it seems. Sinister adversaries lurk at every turn, attempting to kill P. W. Stone, steal her land and snatch her newfound destiny scroll before the secret to their defeat is unveiled on Earth.

What occurs in one realm affects the other. If the teens don’t accomplish what their ancestors failed to do and claim their mountain of inheritance, life on Earth as they know it will come to a tragic end. Will P. W. learn to stand her ground?

Book Takeaway:

It reminds us that we were made in the Creator's image, in His likeness, in the physical realm. He blessed us with the land in which man was created, therefore, making us the rightful heirs who inherit the earth. When we surrender and allow the Creator to work through us, we have the strength to take dominion and stand our ground against the spiritual forces of darkness attempting to rule in our place.

Why the author wrote this book:

“I am honored to write a story that reminds us of what we believe and Whom we truly praise. P. W. Stone and the Missing Kingdoms connects us with the generations who have gone before us, awakens our passion for goodness, and strengthens us to stand in the midst of life’s tumbles. As a scribe intent on advancing the Kingdom that has drawn near, I endeavor to reach the hearts of others through stories that brighten their destiny with spiritual truth. My goal is to excite the ingenuity of readers with a soul-empowering encounter that takes them to a tangible place. This is the realm where they don armor and defeat the spiritual forces of darkness as heirs of the One true King. Take a risk and enter the Kingdom Realm, where the unseen is seen, and the battles must be won.
Blessings.” ~S. C. Easley


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