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Discovering Emily

By Carlene Havel, Billie Houston


Robert Franklin, Emily’s husband of twenty-five years, shatters his wife’s world when he announces he wants a divorce. Adding insult to injury, Robert admits he’s in love with a younger woman.
Even though Robert broke her heart, Emily is determined to foster a good relationship between her ex-husband and their grown sons. Faith and friendships help Emily with the painful adjustment to being single. As a new acquaintance begins to show romantic possibilities, a repentant Robert resurfaces, asking for forgiveness and expecting his ex-wife to take him back.
As if her life was not complicated enough already, a free-spirited bachelor with more charm than any one man should possess waltzes into Emily’s life. Robert is the father of her children, but Mac offers her travel and adventure. She turns to her steady friend, Pastor Dennis Morrison, for support and advice, finding herself drawn to the minister’s warmth and sincerity.
Emily faces a perplexing decision concerning the men in her life. But before she can sort out her relationships, she has to find herself.

Book Takeaway:

Life's worst tragedies can sometimes result in the greatest blessings.

Why the author wrote this book:

To encourage women.


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