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Secrets in September (Fern Valley Mystery Book 1)

By Doreen McAvoy


Will Abbott expects his eighth-grade year at Fern Valley Middle School to be the same as the last seven—school, soccer, and lazy Saturdays. But when a rash of crime strikes his little town, it doesn’t take long to realize something peculiar is going on. Will is certain the class bully, Beefy Boris, is involved and suspects he’s getting help—from their own classmates! As Will and his friends investigate, they stumble upon clues leading them to suspect someone even more sinister is responsible. Can Will and his friends—including a new girl with a mysterious past—trap the criminal mastermind and reveal a secret that has haunted Fern Valley for twelve years?

Book Takeaway:

It's not always easy to do the right thing but God is always there to help us.


Year Title Description
2021 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Bronze Award for Pre-Teen Fiction
2021 Catholic Seal of Approval Catholic Seal of Approval
2022 Selah Award Finalist Middle Grade Fiction
2022 Purple Dragonfly Children's Book Award Second Place Mystery Category
2022 Catholic Media Award Second Place Best Books for Youth Ages 11-16

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I wanted to promote Christian values for our youth through a fun story with settings and characters they could identify with.


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