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Finding Home (Within the Castle Gates #4)

By Candee Fick


Two hearts longing for home.

A memorable first encounter brought them together, but then Susannah Stanley and Nicholas Pennington were torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. From the Lake District in Northern England to a Moroccan port along the African coast and the Napoleonic Wars in between, they struggle to hold onto hope they will be reunited.

After being supplanted by her stepmother’s schemes and the betrayal of a friend, they finally meet again in the most unlikely of places. Now the battle is on to reclaim their rightful inheritance.

Nicholas has saved hundreds of lives, but can he save their future and restore their home?

If you like faith-filled romance, Regency era intrigue, and fairy-tale endings, then you’ll love this emotional tale from the Within the Castle Gates series by Candee Fick. Get Finding Home today and be immersed in another time.


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