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Out of Range: In the Shadow Book 2

By JL Crosswhite


It’s her chance to prove she’s good enough.
It’s his chance to prove he’s more than just a fun guy.
Is it their time to find love, or does he have deadly competition?

Clothing designer and sister of the groom Kim grew up in the shadow of a perfect big brother. She’s determined to prove she can juggle the demands of launching her career's biggest break while handling the details of her brother's big day. The last thing she needs are distractions, like good-time Matthew or a crazy admirer who is growing creepier by the minute.

Matthew fell in love with Kim on their road trip. His humor is normally an asset but backfired with Kim. He screwed up, but she’s the best thing that’s happened to him. Will his fun-guy reputation keep Kim from seeing who he really is? Will his plan to win her back be romantic or a disruption?

Can Kim find strength and comfort in Matthew? When her life is on the line, will he come through for her? Can they figure out a way to make their differences work, or will they even get a chance?

Out of Range, the second book in the In the Shadow series, is Christian romantic suspense at its best. 
You will love this page-turner  because when love is on the line, no one wants to be Out of Range.   

Book Takeaway:

I hope you come away from reading Out of Range with a little clearer understanding of how God is the author of our dreams, and they can be safely entrusted to his hands.

Why the author wrote this book:

When we last left Matthew and Kim in Off the Map, their relationship was on the rocks. Despite Matthew’s best intentions, he treated Kim the way he wanted to be treated, not the way she needed to be treated. It takes the whole book of Out of Range for him to learn what she needs.
Kim has to learn what is really important to her. And that she might be putting some thoughts and feelings on her family that aren’t exactly there.
I think we all act a bit like Matthew and Kim at times, especially with those closest to us. It’s easy to feel taken for granted and misunderstood. But it’s worth it to make the effort to communicate well with those we love. Even when it doesn’t come easy.


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