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Surviving Carmelita

By Susan Miura


Where Do You Run When Your World Implodes?

“Mom?” Ashley’s shakes can be heard in that single, whispery word. “Mom, what happened?”

I take a breath, unable to turn my head. Unable to move at all. “I don’t know, Ash.” But somehow I do know, beneath skin chilled by the breath of demons, that whatever just happened will change everything.

It was Josie’s hands on the wheel, her foot on the pedal. Her fault. Now, sweet, beautiful Carmelita will never see her fifth birthday. Where do you run when the world implodes and you can’t even function as a mom? Josie leaves her Chicago suburban home to stay with a cousin in Key West, unaware her journey is guided by an unseen hand. Unaware that a trailer park pastor, a battered horse, a pregnant teen, and a mysterious beachcomber might just set her on the path toward an inconceivable hope and redemption.

Includes a recipe by cookbook author Nancie McDermott.

Book Takeaway:

God's unfailing love for us transcends any level of pain and hopelessness we can experience.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to demonstrate the power of God to find us no matter how far we run; no matter how inconceivable the hope of redemption may seem.


"I would recommend Surviving Carmelita. “Adult” fiction in the best sense of the word. A horrific event in the first chapter drives the rest of the novel. Memorable characters."
- Joe on May 16, 2021

"Surviving Carmelita is a heart gripping story of salvation. The characters are strongly defined as they experience a tragedy and their faith is tested. I highly recommend this book!"
- Paula on April 26, 2021

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