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The Sultan's Captive

By Elva Cobb Martin


The lure of the legendary Spice Trail beckons, but he may never find a spice more precious than the treasure he left in Charles Town.

Two Charles Town men love Georgia Ann Cooper—Samuel Vargas and his step-brother, Joshua Becket—but only one both intrigues and infuriates her. Even though he’s a dangerous budding patriot and a privateer—or more likely pirate—Samuel fills her dreams and waking moments. When he leaves Charles Town for high sea adventure on the legendary Spice Trail, she determines to push him out of her thoughts and her graces. A task made easier when she sets out on her own journey to England on one of her father’s merchant ships.
Samuel Vargas is determined to make his own way in the world, not live in the glow of his parents’ escapades in Charles Town and the Spanish Main. There’s no better place to earn his fortune than the Spice Trail and along the Barbary Coast of the Mediterranean. But the adventure becomes more than he bargained for when at Tripoli he stumbles across a familiar face from Charles Town in a sultan's dungeon, and he’s forced to use all his abilities to save the life of the woman he’s been trying to forget.
As their paths intertwine on a journey filled with Barbary pirates, intrigue, and romance, only love and the grace of God can overcome the past and ignite a new beginning for Georgia Ann and Samuel.

Book Takeaway:

God always has a way to deliver us from toil and danger, help us stay sane until he does, and finally bring about a happy ending.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love this period of Charleston, SC, history and the excitement of sailing ships, privateers and Barbary pirates. It is Book 2 in my Charleston Brides Series


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