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Verdict at the River's Edge

By Colleen K Snyder


What terrifies you?
In the dark recess of your soul, what is it that you’ve managed to avoid, to hide, to bury deep, never to be faced? And what if the Lord asked you to face that fear for no other reason than, “Because I’m asking?” What would you do?
Welcome to Collin Walker’s world.
Collin Walker, a social worker from the innercity of Oakton, Ohio, comes to Camp Grace for what is billed as “an extreme sports camp.” Her single purpose: to show her ward, Rob Sider, that there is more to life than the streets “…show you can be strong and still love, win without cheating, and succeed in life without all the bells and whistles…” Collin has no way of knowing that God has other plans for her week: facing a lifelong terror of rushing rivers, and perhaps her greatest fear of all, the possibility of real love.
Jeff Farrell is the camp “go-to” man: janitor, tour guide, paramedic... Collin finds his easy banter, gentle humor, and quick wit intriguing. As their paths cross over and over—and over and over—Collin finds herself drawn to him. When Rob picks whitewater rafting as his challenge and asks Collin to come along, Collin must muster all her rigid self-control and her faith to face her fear. But when a killer makes her his next target, which will she rely on to see her through? Her strength? Or her faith? Can she “walk the talk” when the events of the week spiral out of her control?
Join her and find out.

Book Takeaway:

God is with you, even in the darkest times of your life. He is there for you always. If you say you trust Him, do it.

Why the author wrote this book:

Verdict is a story near to my heart. Faith. Trust. Putting "feets" to your prayers. We say...but do we do? Can we walk the walk?


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