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Lighter Than Air

By Linda Hoover


When Elena Bishop lost her mother at age twelve, her father lost his purpose for living. Now they'll lose their home unless her father can pay his gambling debt by the end of the summer. Elena believes God has directed her to have a family camp on the grounds of their estate to raise the money.

Justin Ramsay, Elena's neighbor, wants to go to America on a mission given to him by his grandmother on her death bed. His older brother, the Earl, wants him to join the military, but offers him a deal. If Justin can keep Elena and the neighborhood safe until he returns with his American bride, he'll pay for Justin's trip. If not, Justin will join a regiment in India. Elena might be impulsive and accident-prone, but Justin believes she's nothing he can't handle.

Elena and Justin disagree over the camp, even as an attraction beyond friendship ignites between them. One mishap after another leads Julia to Brighton to talk to a man who gives gas balloon rides, hoping this will bring in more money. What she finds lands both her and Justin in a situation out of their control. The deadline for the debt and the Earl's return looms. Will their insistence on doing things their own way give them both a happy ending, or destroy everything they've hoped for?

Book Takeaway:

Gambling brings grief. The need for revenge ends in ruin. Be honest about what you're going through.

Why the author wrote this book:

I like this time period and wanted to write a fun story involving romance, overcoming adversity and coming closer to God.


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