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Lighter Than Air

By Linda Hoover


Brighton, England, 1900

Justin Ramsey has plans as high in the sky as a hot air balloon. But his older brother Richard, Earl of Dunningham, brings him down to earth with orders to join the army. Desperate to make his own way, Justin agrees to a deal: if he can successfully manage the neighborhood while Richard is away for the summer, he will earn the right to determine his own future. His childhood friend, Elena, with her negligent father, has a penchant for getting herself in scrapes, but Justin is confident he can protect her.

Desperate to save her family’s estate, Elena Bishop embarks on an innovative plan to bring in revenue. Her efforts backfire when they draw the attention of the Ramsey family and the ire of her father's enemy, who stands to gain everything if Elena fails. Certain she is following God's leading, Elena doubles down and fights back against the obstacles and naysayers. Will her friend Justin help her salvage her idea, or will it destroy his own future as well as hers?

As time runs out and tensions rise, Justin and Elena face danger and decisions that will test their new-found love and change the course of their lives.

Book Takeaway:

Gambling brings grief. The need for revenge ends in ruin. Be honest about what you're going through.

Why the author wrote this book:

I like this time period and wanted to write a fun story involving romance, overcoming adversity and coming closer to God.


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