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Methuselah Project S.O.S.

By Rick Barry


Born in the final days of Nazi Germany, an underground organization is alive, growing, and manipulating events in our world today …

The survivor of a secret German experiment in 1943, Roger Greene possesses a unique physiology. To this day, his body remains youthful and heals quickly. In exchange for information about the mysterious Heritage Organization that Roger once escaped, the CIA has given him a new identity and pulled strings to get him into the modern U.S. Air Force.

Now, Roger’s main thrills are serving his country in an F-35 and spending time with Katherine, the love of his life. Suddenly, the CIA shows up and drops a bombshell—evidence that Sophie, the woman who Roger believed had died helping him escape, is alive. The Heritage Organization is holding her and others prisoner in an unknown location.

Honor-bound to rescue the woman who risked her life for him, Roger accepts temporary duties with the CIA. But just when the mission is already straining his relationship with Katherine, Roger becomes a murder suspect. A fugitive, he continues the mission to find Sophie alone. What he discovers lands this pilot deep inside a shadowy network intent on world domination.

Will Roger’s faith carry him through this quest—or will those tracking him succeed in snuffing out his long life once and for all?

A sensational standalone story, Rick Barry’s sequel to The Methuselah Project launches you into an unforgettable journey through danger, suspense, hope, and love—an experience that will keep you turning pages well into the night!

Book Takeaway:

1. Trust in God: God is real, hears our prayers, works on the believer's behalf, and is good and trustworthy no matter what happens. 2. God uses us to influence others: As a believer, you never know how your smallest action or simplest word can be the hinge upon which someone else turns to God. So we ought to let our light shine for the Lord!

Why the author wrote this book:

After the release of my novel The Methuselah Project, many readers expressed hope for a sequel. This is it. But this time the sequel ramps up the action, tension, and suspense even more than the original story!


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