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The Firefly Warriors

By Susan Count


A sparkling light entices a young naturalist and his bothersome cousin deep into the woods. Soon the young warriors are thrust into battle to save the magic of the last firefly family.

When a mysterious light entices ten-year-old Davy and his younger cousin, Anderson, into the woods, they discover the forest is alive with wonder. Firefly magic dazzles the boys and they vow to save the insects from annihilation.

Then a fire rages in the forest. In spite of the cousins’ creative efforts to help the firefighters, the situation for the fireflies plummets from grim to dire. As the blaze consumes the fireflies’ habitat, the young warriors despair. If only there was—even one left.

Book Takeaway:

More needs to be done save the environment or the natural food chain will implode. And it starts with you.

Why the author wrote this book:

We live in the glorious east Texas pine forest. One magical evening we were walking on a path and the bushes exploded with light. The grandchildren had never seen such a display of wonder, and their delight was my delight. That magical moment became a story of a magical encounter.


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