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Termination Zone

By Adam Blumer


In the Justice Club, you’re either all in, or you’re dead.

Pianist Landon Jeffers has been hiding in Georgia’s woods to keep his loved ones safe from the Justice Club, the cybercrime network seeking to control him through his brain implant. But when his means of blocking their controlling signals is compromised and he receives word that a family member may be in danger, he is forced out of hiding.

Now Landon covertly works with unexpected allies including the FBI to help shut the Justice Club down from the inside. But when he is prepped during his concert tour for a high-profile hit targeting the highest levels of the US government, the stakes have never been higher. Can he and his allies thwart the Justice Club’s mission of violence in time? Even if that means placing the woman he loves in danger?

The deadline is coming. And death is certain if he fails.

Book Takeaway:

I explore issues of control and free will. Ultimately, the solution is a spiritual one. We are able to say no to evil through the power God provides.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've been working on a series of novels about Landon Jeffers, an average man subject to the control of others through a brain implant. Those "others" are responsible for a cybercrime network. Landon longs to be free.


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