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Puppy Ciao

By Annette O'Hare


How far would you go to save innocent animals? Would you risk your life?

In the small town of Kerrville, Texas, thirteen-year-old Jeannie McKay has a notorious reputation for trying to right the world’s wrongs. When Jeannie and her best friend, Jonathan Wooten, rescue two purebred Weimaraner puppies found drowning in Johnson Creek, she vows to find out who is responsible. With the help of her small band of friends, Jeannie plunges head-first into solving the mystery.

Until she discovers … she’s in too deep.

Book Takeaway:

When you find yourself in a situation that seems hopeless, God is still in control and can deliver you from the darkest of problems.


Year Title Description
2020 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Moonbeam Children's Book Award For Excellence in Children's Literature

Why the author wrote this book:

After my family rescued a full-blooded Weimaraner puppy from the pound, my inquiring mind wondered why someone would dump a purebred puppy. That question led to the idea behind this book, and Puppy Ciao was born.


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