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No Secrets No Lies

By Tamara Tilley


Charlie lives in hiding. Hunter lives in the limelight.
She is afraid to be a part of his world. He cannot imagine her not being in it.
As they struggle to blend their two worlds together,
something far greater might keep them apart.

Hiding from her abusive husband, Charlie Foster lives a simple life. At times, she is lonely, but at least she feels safe. That is, until country music superstar, Hunter Jennings, shows up on her doorstep. When he tries to present her with the grand prize in a promotional giveaway, she politely declines, but not before a photographer snaps her picture, sending her into a panic.

Headlining the hottest music tour of the year, Hunter Jennings is tired of the groupies and giveaways associated with being on the road. When a simple contest turns into a major fiasco, his already short fuse is ignited. However, when he finds out the reason Charlie Foster does not want her picture taken, it stops him cold.

Intrigued by the beautiful brunette, Hunter refuses to let a few missteps derail his pursuit of Charlie. But can Charlie put her painful past behind her and learn to trust again?

Book Takeaway:

being able to trust again even when it's scary.

Why the author wrote this book:

For entertainment


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