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The Sugar Baron's Ring

By Lorri Dudley


A ring is her only tie to a distant homeland, until a marooned Englishman anchors her heart.

Hannah Rose Barrington is the island misfit. Orphaned at a young age, Hannah struggles to provide for her future, while her guardian, a weak-hearted island drunk, bleeds Hannah of her father’s inheritance. Caught between the classes of elite planters and white beggars, Hannah yearns to find a place to belong.

University life has never been Bradlee Granville’s forte. His only hope to graduate is to impress his professors by documenting his travels. After claiming unforeseeable circumstances, he delays his final exams and sets out early on his Grand Tour. However, when his ship wrecks off the coast of the Leeward Islands, Bradlee is left without means to return to England, a mounting deadline, and ruined journals.

When Hannah rescues passengers from a ship breaking apart in the bay, she’s unexpectedly drawn to the witty charm of one of the men. Helping him settle into island life will be a pleasure. However, as creditors, like sharks, begin to circle and her guardian’s desperation becomes life-threatening, Hannah finds herself in need of rescue. Will Bradlee look past her pitiful situation to see who she truly is—the sugar baron’s daughter?

Book Takeaway:

We are not victims. We fight from victory. Also, there are people who may be with us, but not for us. And then, there may be people who are for us, but who are not with us. Howeve, God is always with us and always for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the third book in the Leeward island series, but each can stand alone. After my three boys became obsessed with "shark week," I came up with the premise for my book. My boys' sarcastic sense of humor also played into the hero and his companion's witty banter. Also, I love strong female leads and rags to riches stories.


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