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Two Autumns, One Spring

By Elizabeth Ann Boyles


In the Dragonfly Trilogy’s third story, three months of bliss dissolve into threats of ruin. Sumi Taguchi Cardiff could lose her husband, disgrace her family, and be arrested for following Jesus, her new Liege.

John Cardiff, the first American consul in Nagasaki, never imagines his mother would try to destroy his marriage to the woman he adores.

Book Takeaway:

Even in dark hours, God is working out his purposes for his followers' good. In addition, the reader learns about authentic Japanese history and intriguing customs.

Why the author wrote this book:

When troubling times come, people may doubt God's goodness or even his reality. The Japanese novel, Silence, and the movie based on it are disturbing because God does not appear to have helped the tortured Christians in Japan's history. My story demonstrates how God moves in the characters' lives to strengthen faith and bring joy.


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