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Before Summer's End - Stories to Touch the Soul

By Johnnie Alexander, Brenda S. Anderson, Eleanor Bertin, Sara Davison, Deb Elkink, Stacy Monson, Marion Ueckermann


Home should be the place you run to for shelter from the world, but what if the family members who should love and protect you are the ones who have hurt you the most?

Johnnie Alexander -- A Stranger Comes to Springlight
Brenda S. Anderson -- Hot Cocoa Summers
Eleanor Bertin -- Grounded
Sara Davison -- Ten Bottles of Sand
Deb Elkink -- Blue Genes
Stacy Monson -- A Summer of Reckoning
Marion Ueckermann -- In an English Vintage Garden

When trust is shattered between brothers and sisters, parents and children, or husbands and wives, will God bless their tentative steps back to each other by healing and restoring the most important relationships in their lives?

Book Takeaway:

Only God never lets us down, and only God enables us to forgive those who have hurt us, especially those closest to us.

Why the author wrote this book:

Before Summer's End is a collection of stories highlighting the work of the authors belonging to The Mosaic Collection.


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