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Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest

By T. M. Brown


Theo is knee deep in mystery—again. And it all began with a trip to the auction to help Zeb purchase a classic limo to use in the Miss Shiloh parade. Faster than you can say “come and get it”, an orphaned teenager is dropped at his door, a mobster hits town intent on making that limo his own, and a dead body is found floating in Shiloh Creek. But when Pepper and Woogie are kidnapped, Theo, Mitch, John, Hank, Camille, and more show the bad guy a thing or two about messing with folks in a small town.

“Amid the patchwork of furrowed cotton and peanut fields…down home country fun at its finest….But when one of Shiloh’s citizens purchases an armored limo with a checkered history at a Sheriff’s used-car auction, the town’s tranquility is shattered by the accumulation of dead bodies and broken hearts. Here’s a story that will keep you reading to the wee hours.” —Jedwin Smith, I AM ISRAEL, Our Brother’s Keeper, and Fatal Treasure

Book Takeaway:

Fatherhood is more than fathering a child. Purgatory is what we go through in life not after death. Family is worth pursuing to find peace in our souls.

Why the author wrote this book:

Purgatory offers the third and final novel in the Shiloh Mystery Series. With its own gripping story, Purgatory brings forward the lives of key characters in Shiloh that have played a key role in the lives of Theo and Liddy Phillips since they first arrived in Shiloh. Readers of all three novels will smile when they finish Purgatory.


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