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By Jennifer Sienes


Sins, even those buried with time, have the power to destroy. How could Corey Schaffer have foreseen, eighteen years before, her teenage daughter would be victim of that destruction? Her husband Paul’s pastoral position is already at risk due to their son’s thoughtless rebellion, and Corey longs to confess all to him. But if he can’t forgive Michael, how can he forgive her? It all comes to a head when a disgruntled church member sees an opportunity for revenge. Corey must dig deep to find the courage to help her family. Even if that means walking away.

Why the author wrote this book:

A key part of the storyline (traumatic brain injury) was inspired by my daughter's near fatal car accident that resulted in a coma and months of rehabilitation. I began asking myself what if questions. What if the accident occurred because the daughter discovered a long-forgotten secret of her mother's? What if the mother was the wife of a pastor? What if forgiveness preached by the pastor is nearly impossible to achieve without a lot of spiritual work and soul searching? How many "perfect" families do we see sitting in church (or the cornerstone of the church) who aren't as perfect as they appear?


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