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Only A Glimpse

By LuAnn K. Edwards


Keedryn Reynolds never expected to be an executive assistant to a boss who treats her poorly. With a pile of bills since her husband’s death, she wrestles with the challenge of keeping her job or quitting to find another position with less stress. Yet despite her boss’s insensitive behavior, Keedryn follows the Lord’s prompting to share God’s love with this man and finds she’s sharing her love as well. She struggles with the belief that a relationship with Blake could not be a part of God’s plan for her life.

Blake Conner finds his executive assistant’s work inadequate. She cannot do anything worthy of his appreciation. Or at least that’s the message he works hard to convey. Blake’s life spiraled downward when his wife died in an automobile accident five years earlier, and his college-aged son left town certain Blake was to blame. Because of his heartache and guilt, Blake turned from God and no longer has faith or hope.

Will Keedryn be the one who can break through the walls that surround Blake’s heart?

Book Takeaway:

My book encourages growth as we understand God is with us wherever we are in our life journey and inspires women to do and be their best in the day-to-day and allow their lives to shine for Jesus.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote the book to encourage women in their walk with the Lord and to inspire faith and hope.


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