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Bite the Dust

By Jackie Layton


Secrets can be deadly.

One steamy South Carolina morning, Low Country dog walker Andi Grace Scott discovers a client’s dead body. Police quickly decide she’s the prime suspect. Horrified, she knows she’ll have to turn detective if she’s going to convince them they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Proving her innocence could be a tall order. The local police never solved the hit-and-run that killed her parents; Andi Grace isn’t sure they’ll solve this crime either…not when they have a convenient suspect—one caught with the possible murder weapon in her hand. She’ll have follow every clue and call in every favor, even if that puts her in danger.

Book Takeaway:

No matter how bad things get, God is always for us. He often brings people into our life when we need them most.

Why the author wrote this book:

At an ACFW conference, I spoke to an editor about cozy mysteries. After years of writing suspense, cozies resonated with me. Bite the Dust is the result of our conversation.


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