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Song in the Dark

By Jessica White


After graduating from Juilliard, harpist Jenna Fields returns home to Albany to escape her manipulative ex and prove to her controlling mother that she can orchestrate her own life.
Homicide detective Dean Blackburn spends his days seeking justice for the dead. But darkness taints everything, including him.
When his three Dobermans lead him to Jenna playing in the park, he tries to resist the beautiful musician and focus on his cases. At least until he witnesses Jenna’s ex attempt to blackmail her and learns she’s being stalked, just like one of his homicide victims.
When her world crumbles beneath her feet, and Dean learns she has her own dark secrets, he helps Jenna see that the key to escaping her mother's gilded cage is already in her hands.

Book Takeaway:

How to deal with narcissistic/controlling parents. That it's okay to seek help from a counselor or therapist. That others' love won't fix things, but it will support you through life changes.

Why the author wrote this book:

Every story begins with a moment of inspiration. This one began while talking about my love of Greek mythology and my wish more authors wrote real-life fiction with classical stories beyond fairytales woven in. A few weeks later, inspired by a quote from C. S. Lewis, I found myself asking “What if the characters of Greek mythology encountered the Living God?”
Inspired, I developed the twelve Olympian gods/goddesses into modern people with careers, personalities, and backstories, true to the myths passed down through the generations. I took their negative personality traits and the sins they struggled with and put them on the prayer altar. And God answered, “Yes. I could love even them.” And so I picked the most iconic romance story, Hades and Persephone, and began exploring how Jesus would have walked with them.
While stripped of their deity and powers, I wanted readers who love mythology as much as I do to see the parallels of their favorite stories. If you are a fan, you’ll enjoy finding the allusions to different characters, places, events, and symbolism from Greek mythos. If not, this romantic suspense will still keep you guessing and hoping the hero and heroine can find love together.
One notable departure from mythology is the interrelationships between characters. While I preserved some, like Demeter being Persephone’s mother, I removed others, like Hades being Demeter’s brother, to avoid incest. I have included a character list for those desiring to confirm their suspicions about who is whom.
I pray the Lord uses this book to remind you that no struggle can keep you from His love. Be blessed, dear readers.


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