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The Merchant's Yield

By Lorri Dudley


It was a marriage of inconvenience…

Charlotte Amelia Etheridge has cowered to her mother’s sharp tongue and endless demands for the last time. In a fleeting moment of rebellion, she recklessly asks the last person her mother would ever consider appropriate, a foreigner from the Leeward Islands, for a dance. However, her courageous act ends in disaster when an innocent mistake lands her in a compromising position with the islander. Forced to wed a stranger, Lottie leaves the only home she’s ever known to sail across the Atlantic to the isle of St. Kitts.

Life has a wicked sense of humor…

Nathaniel Winthrop’s troubles are mounting. The rumors of him being cursed are spreading, and his merchant ships have been raided. The last thing he needs is a wife to care for. Especially when he discovers Lottie had been confined to a sick room most of her childhood. Her weak constitution will never survive the hardships of island life. The fever has already claimed the lives of his mother and sisters. Nathan guards his heart against falling in love with this gentle beauty, knowing that, for Lottie, island life will be a death sentence.

The meek shall inherit the earth…

No longer under her mother’s scrutiny, the newfound freedom of the island rejuvenates Lottie’s spirit with fresh wind. She is tired of being told she’s too ill to enjoy life. If her days on this earth are limited, then it’s time she lives it to the full. Lottie must prove to Nathan that God is more powerful than any curse, and that even though Nathan was forced to marry her, she is the one he can’t live without.

Freedom isn’t the absence of struggle; it’s the presence of God.

Book Takeaway:

Every miracle begins with a problem, and freedom isn’t the absence of struggle. It’s the presence of God.

Why the author wrote this book:

It's a sequel to The Duke's Refuge in the Leeward Island Series.


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