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Desert Willow

By Patricia Beal


Clara Malone is a college graduate who puts her job-hunting on hold and gathers what little money she has to travel to Texas and deliver her grandmother’s last love letter before the woman’s impending death. Andrew Lee James is a young Army captain whose first shot at love and marriage imploded on the steps of a West Point chapel during graduation week. When the letter’s recipient, General Mario Medeiros, is delayed in Germany with a weak heart, Andrew is put in charge of Clara’s well-being.

Andrew wants to tell off the woman who left him at the altar but now wants him back. If Clara would look at him with the slightest bit of interest, maybe he could. But three generations of women in her family were betrayed by military men. Sure, he is handsome and looks just like Prince Harry. But she didn’t date soldiers—not anymore.

Surrounded by the wild beauty of El Paso and desert willows that rain blooms and sing with the buzzing of hummingbirds, Clara soon finds herself enjoying her time with Andrew more than she should. Can she deliver her letter without falling for him?


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