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While the Rain Whispered

By Kim Williams


Clara Williams has a good life, but she would walk away from it if she could. She longs for adventure greater than both the confines her rural Texas town and the people she loves have to offer. Clara is certain the stories she writes for children contain more adventure than her reality. She cannot reconcile the internal frustration with her faith. When opportunity presents itself at last, Clara is faced with a choice between the life she’s known and the life she longs to know, and the men who each belong in one but not the other.
Wallace James fell in love long before he should have. Choosing to wait the necessary years on the young woman who captured his heart, Wallace builds a respectable life and reputation. As the time approaches to act on his romantic feelings, he begins to wonder if the hand belonging to a local mechanic is a worthy enough offer for the woman he loves. Finding the answer could risk the only life and relationship he’s desired and force him to relinquish them for good. At greater risk is his faith that must trust what he cannot understand.
While the Rain Whispered is the third installment in the Letters to Layton series based on true events.

Book Takeaway:

Contentment follows a grateful heart.


Year Title Description
2020 Independent Author Network Winner Outstanding Christian/Religious Fiction
2020 TCK Publishing Reader Choice 2nd Place Historical Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the third book in the Letters to Layton series,though it is a story unto itself. Readers of the series will find a good conclusion for the life of Layton characters, and new readers will experience the love story of spunky Clara Williams and Wallace James.


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