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The Silver Lode

By Suzanne J Bratcher


JEROME, ARIZONA: billion-dollar copper camp alive with rags-to-riches stories

Beneath the ghost town that clings to Cleopatra Hill, a maze of abandoned mine tunnels conceals a vein of silver ore mixed with pure gold. Seventy years ago the discovery of that silver lode caused a murder. Are more coming?

Historian Paul Russell is about to lose his job and the woman he loves. He doesn’t have time to search for the legendary silver lode. But when a student drops a seventy-year-old cold case on his desk, a murder connected to the silver lode, the mystery offers Paul the perfect opportunity to work with Marty Greenlaw and win her back.

As Paul and Marty search for the silver lode, suspicious deaths begin to happen. When Paul’s son disappears, the stakes become personal.

Book Takeaway:

When life doesn't follow the path we dreamed of, God will make something new out of what's left if we trust Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

Jerome, a real town in Arizona, was a favorite getaway for almost thirty years. I'm fascinated by the layers of its character: ghost town, billion dollar copper camp, artist colony. The Silver Lode, the second book in a trilogy of mysteries I'm writing set in Jerome, is the sequel to The Copper Box.


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