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Murder at Rendsburg Resort

By C. L. Wells


When a small band of vacationers arrives at the exclusive “unplugged and remote” mountaintop estate, no one expects what will happen next. But soon a guest is murdered, and the only means of communicating with the outside world is destroyed. Being trapped in a remote resort with a killer is not what mystery writer Jill Pemberton had in mind when she booked her vacation. With the body count piling up and no one else to save them, can she help find the killer before they claim their next victim?

Book Takeaway:

Through prayer, a Christian has access to a loving God Who acts on our behalf to give us help in desperate times in often unsuspected ways.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to use my God-given ability to tell a great story in a way that will help lead the reader to a positive view of God's interaction with humanity and in our daily lives. While the story is about an intriguing mystery, one of the main characters is a Christian who depends on God to help him find the killer. Additionally, at the back of the book, there is an evangelistic presentation of the good news about Jesus Christ. My hope is that God will use this book to help lead others to relationship with Him.


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