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Beauty in Battle

By Robin Patchen


The truth is out, but will it set her free or land her in the grave?
Harper doesn’t want to return to Maryland to face the police. The mess she left behind makes her look guilty of the worst, but it’s too late to run again. Red is safe and the authorities are waiting. At least Jack is by her side.
Now that Jack knows the truth, his feelings for Harper are deeper than ever. He’s not about to leave her side, especially knowing a killer is after her.
But Derrick is on their trail, and he’s come unhinged. And he may not be the biggest threat lurking.
Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of the Beauty in Flight series.

Book Takeaway:

You are not who the world says you are. You aren't even who you think you are. You are and will always be who God says you are.

Why the author wrote this book:

Beauty in Battle is the 3rd in a 3-book linked series about a woman with an ugly past. I love this heroine because she shows the reader that it doesn't matter what your past looks like, only what you choose for your future. Harper chooses God, and it changes everything.


"A satisfying conclusion to the series that’s packed with action and suspense!"
- MJ on April 05, 2019

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