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The Artful Match

By Jennifer Delamere


Cara Bernay has never fit in. At loose ends in 1881 London after a near tragedy costs her a job, she is befriended by a rising young artist. With his help, she begins planning a new life and developing her own artistic talent. But soon Cara finds herself at odds with the artist's brother--a handsome but stern earl forcing his brother back to a "respectable" life. Henry Burke, the Earl of Morestowe, feels the weight of growing financial burdens. His spendthrift and emotionally unstable brother is making matters worse, and Henry needs him back home. Despite misgivings about Cara's mysterious background, Henry sees she's a positive influence on his brother and on Henry's unruly young ward, and he strikes a deal with her to return with them to their estate. But the family has their own secrets, and when Cara, drawn ever closer to Henry, stumbles onto the truth, she must choose between following her heart and pursuing a bold plan that could bring disaster.

Book Takeaway:

A big theme in this book is the joy of discovering the real purpose for the gifts and talents God has given you. Sometimes we find the answers in the place we least expect.

Why the author wrote this book:

The framework for this story came from the series itself: three sisters who were raised in George Müller’s famous orphanage in Bristol come to London to find new lives. The more unique aspects of this story grew out of my interest in the lives of Victorian artists, as well as the many social changes taking place in England at that time.


"A fantastic conclusion to a must-read series for historical fiction fans!"
- MJ on April 06, 2019

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