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Innocence Denied

By Mike Garrett


Derrick Walton, atoning for past sins, is on a mission from God, risking his own life to save an unbelieving woman in distress. Larissa Baxter is a gorgeous Arizona socialite who has always relied on her striking beauty to get what she wants. After being falsely arrested for murder and posting bail, however, she faces life in prison.
On the run, she must re-invent herself and do what, to her, is the unthinkable--de-emphasize her looks to appear as average as possible and avoid the attention she has craved her entire life. After their paths cross, the two hide in isolation in Alabama as a nationwide manhunt ensues, and Derrick realizes that the most important rescue of all still lies ahead--saving Larissa's soul.

Book Takeaway:

Innocence Denied demonstrates how there is always hope regardless of how dire any situation might be.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to serve God through the spiritual gift of writing that He so graciously blessed me with. My hope is that it will bring unbelievers to Jesus Christ, Our Saviour.


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