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Her Deadly Reunion

By Beth Ann Ziarnik


Desperate to meet the father she's never known, Jill Shepherd accepts an invitation to spend the holidays at his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon her arrival she's met with hostility from other family members and finds her father gravely ill.

When John Taylor's private nurse secretly shares with Jill her suspicions that someone is trying to kill Jill's father, Jill and her friend, Clay Merrick, attempt to find out who would want John dead. Her father's condition worsens, and Jill is accused. She and Clay are ordered to leave the house.

Suddenly Jill and Clay find themselves embroiled in a race to outwit a mysterious killer and unmask a bitter plot that has been years in the making. With her father's life hanging in the balance, how can Clay help Jill prove her innocence and stop the killer before it's too late?

Book Takeaway:

Letting go of "unforgivable" wrongs--your own and others'--frees you to live in peace and love.

Why the author wrote this book:

In this sequel to Her Deadly Inheritance, I wanted to explore where my heroine's desire to know her birth might take her and how it might affect her life when she attempts to close that hole in the fabric of her heart.


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