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Body By Blood

By Dr. Patrick Johnston


Dr. Raymond Verity came back to life today. Awakening from an optical-cerebral transplant into a clone body, Ray is amazed at how society changed in the 27 years he was cryo-preserved. Having pioneered cloning technology based on fetal tissue experiments, he has no qualms destroying imperfect samples. Until he meets his only granddaughter and falls in love with her despite her Down Syndrome. When he discovers that Mary Nell is scheduled to be "replaced" by her genetically-perfect duplicate, Dr. Verity embarks on a desperate mission to atone for his past sins. Can he save both Mary Nell and her clone? Body by Blood is a futuristic thriller which takes you on a heart-pounding journey that will call into question your core beliefs about life.

Book Takeaway:

1. Scientific breakthroughs without an ethical foundation that secures God'given rights is a threat to all our rights. 2. Love never fails. 3. No one is too far gone to be redeemed.

Why the author wrote this book:

To demonstrate that loving the least of God's children is the greatest of riches, more desirable than beauty or wealth or fame.


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