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Everything She Didn’t Say

By Jane Kirkpatrick


In 1911, Carrie Strahorn wrote a memoir sharing some of the most exciting events of twenty-five years of shaping the American West with her husband, railroad promoter Robert Strahorn. Nearly ten years later, she decides it is finally time to share everything she didn’t say in her book. Author Jane Kirkpatrick draws out the emotions of living — the laughter and pain, the love and loss — to give us a window not only into the past but into our own conflicted hearts. Based on a true story. Starred review in Booklist August, 2018.

Book Takeaway:

One needs to trust God for protection, self-confidence and purpose.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was fascinated by what a pubic prominent person wrote in her memoir when compared to external information about her life. I wondered what she wasn’t telling us in her memoir so decided to tell it for her.


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