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Pretense: Imbroglio Trilogy

By John Di Frances



“PRETENSE captures the rising wave of sentiment
currently surging across Europe against increasing EU
dominance and control.”

“Exotic locales, posh accommodations, handsome men and gorgeous women engaged in
dangerous, often lethal behavior—these are things that often lure readers to international
thrillers. Add plots that twist, agendas that may not be what they seem, plus revelations that
shock—and voila, the genre’s literary cake is baked! Fortunately, PRETENSE is loaded with all
of the above… Authenticity and credibility shine. The author’s technical mastery of weaponry,
organizations, and processes has the feel of a Tom Clancy deep dive. His depictions of haute
hotels, photogenic scenery, and foreigners and foreign places put one in mind of Robert
Ludlum’s world.”
- Joe Kilgore, The US Review of Books

“PRETENSE is a riveting … finely written political thriller … crafted with red herrings that
enhance the suspense and make for a delightful reading experience. The plot is cunningly done,
with twists that no one will see coming and suspense permeating every moment of the story. The
crispiness and clarity in prose combine with natural-sounding dialogues to create the drama that
makes for a cinematic experience. I felt as though I was riding alongside the characters because
they are just so real.”
- Christian Sia, Readers' Favorite Book Review

“For readers who are fans of geopolitical thrillers that make them think and have that
psychological twist to them, the ones that you have to go back and read again,
PRETENSE is going to prove a genuine gem of a find. The thriller equivalent of a wolf in
sheep’s clothing John Di Frances hits all of the notes that you’d expect from this genre
whilst bringing a fresh twist to established tropes… With a debut novel like PRETENSE,
John Di Frances will soon be nipping at the heels of such masters as David Baldacci and
Tom Clancy and it is recommended without reservation.”
- Book Viral

A definite must-read for anyone who enjoys a realistic, thought-provoking, and
believable political suspense thriller with a shocking cliffhanger finale.


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Why the author wrote this book:

I am the author of four business book, co-author of another, and have two more in progress, but have wanted to write fiction since childhood.


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