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Bella Notte

By Heather Gray


He likes to play the field. She's content to wear her goody two shoes.

Piero Carter packs light and travels often. He loves adventure and manages to keep his life simple by sticking to a two-dates-only rule. The longest relationship he's had -- aside from family -- is with his camera. As a photographer who works primarily with fashion, he's used to having his pick of beautiful women who want to be seen by his side.

Felicity von Wolff is a makeup artist whose job takes her around the world. That's all the adventure she craves. She has little use for Piero the Playboy. Being seen on his arm means getting tied to his reputation, and that's the last thing she wants. Yet, somehow, they keep getting thrown together. What's a girl to do?

Piero finally meets a woman who makes him want more than two dates, but does that mean he's ready for one of life's greatest adventures -- falling in love? When Felicity peeks over the wall she's built to protect herself, she discovers there's more to the people around her than she ever realized. What will it take for Piero and Felicity to stop hiding from life and open their eyes to the rich beauty God has in store for them?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes people hide in the background, doing the work and going without notice. Other times, though, people hide by being in the spotlight and letting everyone close. In either case, letting someone in where they can see who you truly are takes courage.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was given an opportunity to write in a story world with a group of other authors, and the adventure sounded far too fun to pass up. The world involved international travel and a bit of intrigue, and as I mulled it over, Piero grew in my imagination. He's the suave traveler, the one who always lands on his feet, lives a glamorous life, and never takes anything too seriously. So, of course, the natural heroine to bring him down to earth would be someone who took everything just a tiny bit too seriously...


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