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By Olivia Rae


A Deathbed Confession Forces A Wedding...

Sir Darrin de Longue is desperate to get his lands back from Lady Faith de Sainte-Marie, the woman who betrayed him and may have had a hand in his father's murder. But when King Richard discloses a secret on his deathbed--that Lady Faith is the king's daughter--and then issues an ultimatum, Darrin has no choice but to obey. In order to reclaim his lands, he must marry Lady Faith and get her with child in a year's time.

Without Love, She'll Remain a Wife In Name Only

Left on a doorstep as a babe, Lady Faith has always been grateful for the home she was provided. Since childhood, she has loved the rowdy and bold Sir Darrin, but cannot be a true wife to the bitter, angry man whom she has wed. In order to gain his trust and love, she vows to find the truth about his father's murder. But when she stumbles upon some dark and deadly secrets, will she be able to prove her innocence--and his--to erase the past and win Darrin's heart?

Book Takeaway:

Christ wants us to love all, even those who don't love us.


Year Title Description
2018 Finalist - I Heart Indie Awards Inspirational Category
2019 Finalist- Golden Quill Awards Inspirational Category
2019 Winner - New Englands' Readers Choice Awards Religious/Spiritual Elements Category
2019 Finalist - National Excellencein Romance Fiction Awards Religious/Spiritual Elements Category


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