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Doubly Dead

By Lisa Wessel


Could grief and devastation be imprinted on DNA and passed down through generations? Sophie Cahill believes it’s the reason for her cautious heart. A personal loss confirms her conviction that love is not worth the risk.
She throws herself into her new career as Activities Director for the Covenant Falls, Colorado Community House. It allows her to live in her hometown, and educate people about her family’s tragic past and its part in Covenant Falls’ destiny.
But working in her hometown keeps her in close contact with Zachary Flint. Her resistance to him failed briefly in high school, but now she guards her walls carefully.
Zach plants himself firmly in her sphere, and Sophie is dismayed to realize that beneath his bad boy veneer, he’s become a responsible business owner. How can she resist that combination? She gives it her best shot, as a savage attack and sabotage endanger her plans for Covenant Falls’ First Annual Founders Day. Will her dream job be the only thing she loses? Or will the nineteenth century cast a shadow over the twenty-first and take her life as well?

Book Takeaway:

Faith in God can lead to a full life after devastating losses.


Year Title Description
2014 American Christian Fiction Writers First Impressions Contest Winner FIRST IMPRESSIONS gives unpublished writers the opportunity to have the first five pages of their Christian fiction manuscript evaluated by an industry professional.
2018 Selah Award Finalist The Selah Awards, which are awarded annually at BRMCWC, are awarded to books within Christian publishing that are considered excellent within their genre.

Why the author wrote this book:

I'm always searching for a clean cozy mystery with a side of romance. I wrote Doubly Dead to fill that order for readers like me! It provides an escape from their daily lives, while holding true to the values and beliefs they hold dear.


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