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Believing in Tomorrow

By Kimberly Rae Jordan


In the blink of an eye, her forever turned to never.

Jayden Murray had promised he loved her and saw forever with her, so Sammi McFadden allowed things to go further than she’d known was right. But instead of proposing, Jayden tells her he’s fallen in love with someone else. Heartbroken at not just the loss of her dreams, but the loss of her innocence, Sammi heads down a path that is riddled with bad decisions.

He’d always taken on responsibility when necessary, so he could do no less for her.

Levi Weston isn’t sure what to make of things when his one-night-stand shows up on his doorstep three months after the fact…pregnant. As with every other issue that’s arisen in his life, he is willing to take responsibility and do what’s right. However, as he gets to know the mother of his child, Levi is confused by the guilt and shame that seem to weigh so heavily on Sammi.

Sammi’s faith is as foreign to Levi as the idea of becoming a father, and though he wants to learn about both, he hates the idea of his child being raised in an environment of shame. As he and Sammi grow closer, Levi realizes that things are more complex than he’d realized.

Sammi struggles to accept the consequences for her actions and to live with her new reality—unwed mother instead of wife and then mother. Though it eats at her soul, she feels that the judgment she faces is her lot to bear.

Can Levi get Sammi to see that their child deserves better? Or will she lose everything she’s dreamed of for her tomorrow because she can’t accept that forgiveness is hers for the taking?


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