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Grace in Strange Disguise

By Christine Dillon


People disappoint us but what if God does too?
Physiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream, and it doesn’t surprise her.

After all, her father has always said, “Follow Jesus and be blessed.” But at twenty-eight, her world shatters. Everyone assures her God will come through for her, but what happens when he doesn’t? Has she offended God? Is her faith too small?

Will finding the truth cost her the people closest to her heart?

Book Takeaway:

God is not there to make our lives smooth and easy. He has much bigger plans.


Year Title Description
2015 Athanatos Christian Writers Contest runner-up (2nd prize)

Why the author wrote this book:

* To tackle an issue - what is God there for? What does it mean that God blesses us?
* To have a model of singleness not just 'happily ever after'
* To model natural way of evangelism (Bible storytelling)


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